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What’s a video job posting? What’s a job opening in a casual video format?

Although it’s not new, CazVid, the free job posting app, is pioneering the video job listing format and the concept of job opening in a casual video presentation.

Why use videos for job opening posts?

1. Candidates are bored, yes – bored, of reading traditional written job openings.

2. Hey, the world is moving to short video posts and messages for all forms of presentations and communication – why not having a short video presentation of your job opening.

3. Candidates can see where they will work and who they will work for.  Research shows that candidates often take jobs, not just because of pay, but because of the likeability of the person they will be working for.

4. The CazVid founder, Yuvi Shmul, explains that for many job listings, a casual video presentation of the opportunity is a fun and light presentation of what the company is looking for:. Casual Video – hence CazVid.

5. Consider the video job posting as your participation in the 24/7 virtual job fair.  The candidates don’t only read your job opening details, they see and hear, you, the work place and what your company has to offer.

So with the largest free access to a bank of video resumes and with an opportunity to post for free a video job opening, CazVid is the place to post a video and interact with employers, employees, gig seekers and short term employment opportunities.   The app is design for remote workers and local employees.

Post a free job opening in a video format on the CazVid platform today, and find your next hire!

Find Locksmith Technicians on CazVid

CazVid Locksmith Technicians

Own a locksmith business that’s looking to hire additional technicians? Looking to have your house locks upgraded or your business setup with an access control system? Find the help you need on the free job matching app, CazVid!

With CazVid, all job listings are short 30 second videos that can be recorded right in the app and shared for free. Candidates will respond to your locksmith job listing video with a 30 second video resume. The CazVid platform for employment is not only fast, but incredibly easy.

The CazVid app is always free and is available for download now on iPhone and Android devices.


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