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CazVid Free Bilingual Video Resume and Trilingual Free Video Job Postings

Need bilingual employees?  Have a project for trilingual independent contractors?  CazVid is the perfect screening tool for just that. CazVid is a free video job postings and a free video resumes matchmaking platform. Not the dating type matchmaking, but rather the employment and income related matching.

Now prospective employees can demonstrate their bilingual skills in a free video resume on CazVid. It’s free to sign up, free to record videos, and free to share with prospective employers. Traditional resumes don’t demonstrate a candidates level of language proficiency, and conventional written resumes certainly do not expose whether a candidate speaks clearly. The free video resumes on CazVid is able to show how someone speaks, pronounces, and verbally communicates in multiple languages. Candidates are encouraged to record multiple videos and share them with prospective employers.

CazVid.com is a free, video job board (patent pending) social media.

Free Video Resume for Trade School Graduates on CazVid

Trade school graduates are entering competitive markets. That’s tough! Regardless of whether they graduate as auto mechanics, dental assistants, chefs or with any other trade, often the traditional written resumes of trade school graduates are very similar to those of their peers.  So how can they get their first job?

CazVid is a free video job posting and video resume social media. Anyone seeking new trade school graduates can record a free 30 second CazVid video job listing and can review applicants on the CazVid platform. Graduates of a trade school can record a free CazVid trade school video resume and communicate with employers.  It is that simple and that easy.  It takes 15 seconds to sign up and 30 seconds to record a video. It’s always free to sign up, record a video and communicate on CazVid.com and the CazVid app.

CazVid – Free video job listings and video resumes social media – for sales and customer service positions

CazVid is more than just another social media.  CazVid is more than just another “cute” video platform.  CazVid is the first and best, free video job listings and video resumes social media.  It was designed specifically with sales positions, customer service job openings and any customer interaction job listings in mind.

Users of the free CazVid free video job listings and video resumes social media platform engage with each other with a 30 second into video, and from there, users can find employers, employees, independent contractors, business opportunities and any relevant income and employment opportunities.  Check it out on CazVid.com

CazVid Free Video Employment Matching App

As one of our new promoters has said, “CazVid is a free video employment matching app.”  You can find many websites and apps with job postings and resumes.  Many of those are written job listings and traditional written resumes.  You can also find video resumes online, video show cases of companies and job openings, and platform for video interviews.

However, CazVid is the first and best, video-only, video-base, free, employment matching app.  Anyone who is seeking jobs, income, opportunities or training can record a free 30 second video.  Anyone who is offering jobs, paid projects, internships, training or any business opportunities can record a free 30 second video as well. The two parties can now share, like, communicate and be matched. CazVid is a simple, easy to use, free 30 second employment matching platform.  Try it out: CazVid

CazVid Free Video Job Posting matching with Free Video Resumes

Although video resumes and video showcases of companies have been around for a while, CazVid has innovated the concept with the first video job board platform.  CazVid is a free video job posting and free video resume platform.  Employers record a free 30 second video about their job opening and about their company; prospective employees record a free 30 second video about their background, skills and what type of job they’re seeking. The CazVid app is the matching app, the dating app, the traditional job board classified, with the twist of video-based presentation.

Why are video resumes and video cover letters so powerful?  traditional written cover letters and resumes do not convey the personality and verbal communication skills of the candidates. A CazVid video, called CazVid for its casual video intentions, is the best way to observe the candidate’s personality, charisma, communication skills and enthusiasm.

Why are video job postings so powerful? Employees often would like to see where they’d work and who they’d work for just as an employer is looking for employees with great enthusiasm. Employees are more excited to work for likable employers.  CazVid’s free video job postings can show the employer’s likability, charisma, enthusiasm for their business and excitement about the job opening.  Employers need to sell themselves to potential employees, just as potential employees need to sell themselves to future employers.  CazVid is simply the best job posting tool.

CazVid is the first (patent pending) matching system of prospective employers and employees via video resumes and video job postings and is free to use.

Free CazVid Video Job Postings

Looking to hire?  Skip the outdated steps of writing job postings and reviewing written job resumes.  Instead, record a 30 second video, describing your company and job opening – and find qualified talent.

CazVid is a free video job posting and video resume app.  Companies are invited to sign up for free (it takes 15 seconds), record a 30 seconds job opening, and publish it for free on the CazVid platform.  Companies are also welcome to check out the video resumes of candidates and communicate with candidates for free on the CazVid website and apps.

Many companies that hire constantly have been very excited about the CazVid innovative job posting video platform and the CazVid matching system of video resumes with video job postings. It just makes sense.  In the year 2020 we have moved to video media in every aspect of our lives.  Calls are video calls.  News are video news. Messaging friends are often video selfies. It just makes sense to present companies with the CazVid free video job postings and to present job seekers with the CazVid free video resumes.

CazVid looking for student promoters

CazVid, the “first impression” job search app, is looking for student promoters.  CazVid is a free video resume and video job posting app.  Students who are looking for part time jobs, full time jobs, internship and volunteering opportunities are welcome to join CazVid for free.  It takes 15 seconds to sign up and 30 seconds to record a video.  Students can take the 30 seconds to talk about their skills and what they are looking for in terms of work.  Students can also use CazVid to browse job openings, internships and volunteering opportunities by scrawling through the videos on companies and organizations on CazVid.

CazVid is no looking for promoters who can help CazVid to spread the word in the universities, schools, and the promoters’ circle of friends.  check out CazVid.net/wow for more information.

Karaoke Hosts and DJ Video Showcase on CazVid

CazVid, the first and best (patent pending) video resume and video showcase platform that is always free to use. CazVid is the perfect app for karaoke hosts and DJ’s who are looking for gigs.

CazVid is a free, video-only, income and employment related social media. Employers can post a free 30-second video explaining what they are looking for in an employee; candidates can then respond with their own free 30-second video showcasing their skills and what type of work they’re looking for.

Do you host Karaoke events? Are you a DJ? Record a CazVid video and SHOW US YOUR SKILLS.  Include clips from previous hosting events in your video to increase chances of getting hired!

Need a karaoke host or a DJ? Maybe you need some last minute help to host a pre-announced event? Get on CazVid and find freelancers who can respond quickly and help.

CazVid is a video-based (patent pending) matching system for employees, employers, gig-seekers, and all income opportunities.

CazVid Video Cover Letter for Salespeople Applicants

CazVid is the new and best tool for anyone who’s looking to apply for any sales position.

Traditional written resumes fail to showcase an applicant’s personality and communication skills which is typically what an employer is looking for.

CazVid is the casual video presentation of salespeople. CazVid is the video resume, video cover letter, and video showcase of new candidates.  What to say in your Sales Video Resume?

  1. Mention that you are looking for a sales position.  You will be surprised how many video resumes of sales people fail to mention that they love sales, they have been doing sales for so many years, and they are looking for A SALES POSITION!!!
  2. Mention that you are looking for ONLY sales position.  Why? you are asking.   So many video resumes of sales people include the job seekers mentioning that they are looking for any position: sales, marketing, operations, etc…  Employers who are hiring sales people, want to see that you are looking for a sales position only.
  3. Explain how you are excited about being a sale person and even mention industries you have worked in.  If an employers from one industry hears on your sales video resume that you have worked in the same industry, you might get an immediate advantage.

So, with those 3 points of advice, should I have multiple video resumes?


On CazVid you can upload multiple video resumes FOR FREE.  Have each video resume recorded with a specific position and a few specific industries in mind.  With CazVid, anyone can open a free account, record a video for free, and reach many employers.


CazVid Video Job Postings Make Sense – Lots of Sense

We have all gotten used to video resumes, but what about video job postings? Potential employees love to see where they will work and get a better first impression of why they should apply for a given job. Written job postings just don’t tell the full story and the more you think about it, video job postings make a lot of sense which is why CazVid brings video job posting on its video employment platform.

Are you looking for new employees in a cool busy bar/restaurant? Show a video of the bar and restaurant while describing the details of the job opening.

Are you expecting your future hire to know certain skills or to complete certain tasks? Show a video of the work that is expected to be done.

You got a great group of employees that will be the co-workers of the future hire? Record a quick 30 second CazVid video of your existing team, inviting new candidates to apply for the job.

CazVid Job Posting are free for employers.  Employers can sign up for free (15 seconds sign up), record a video (30 seconds video), and share it on the CazVid (patent pending) video-only employment- and income- related social media.

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