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Avoid Scams and Always Consider These Safety Tips

You should, and you hereby agree, to use common sense when communicating and transacting with anyone on our app/website and when meeting someone who you have met on our website/apps. You agree that we are not responsible for any financial damages, and any bodily injuries or death due to your interaction on our website/apps, your communication with other users and/or your online and in person interaction that may result from your use of our website/app.

Safety Tips

Remember these safety tips:

  1. Always meet in public areas, during normal and reasonable hours.
  2. If you meet in any employer’s office, make sure that you meet in reasonable hours and conduct a basic investigation to ensure that the place of meeting is a legitimate, and frequently used business location.
  3. Tell a friend or family member when and where you are going for meetings and always take your cell phone.
  4. Use commonsense. If you approach a place of meeting and the situation doesn’t feel right, make a u-turn.  Do not risk your life.

Last updated:  10/7/2020

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