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Below are some videos that answer common questions people have. If there is anything else you would like to know about CazVid, feel free to contact us.

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What is CazVid?

Cazvid is a free, video-only, employment and income related, social media. CazVid is the first (patent pending) video-only resumes and video-only job posting app.

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What Type of Jobs are on CazVid?

CazVid is for all job openings, from entry level to top paying positions. We believe that not all jobs require traditional resumes. Many job positions can be shown & explained in a short video. And rather than reading a resume, a video resume allows you to see and hear directly from job seekers.

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What Jobs Can You Post on CazVid?

CazVid is available for full time employment, part time jobs, commission only gigs, short term projects, business opportunities, franchises, paid training… if you need to hire someone, you can post on CazVid. It just takes 30 seconds to record a video explaining your job requirements. You do it right in the app!

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How Do You Find the Right Candidate?

Posting job listings can be expensive, tedious and a real pain in the behind! With CazVid, all resumes are short 30 second or less videos where you get to see and hear from potential candidates.

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Can Recruiters Use CazVid?

Absolutely. Recruiters can post videos for job openings, as long as the recruiter has an actual, specific and current opening and is not recording videos just to “receive calls” from candidates.

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What Does “CazVid” Mean?

What does CazVid mean? “CazVid” stands for “Caz” as in casual and “Vid” as in video. CazVid is just a casual, easy and simple way to post job listings or resumes. A short 30 second intro video may be all you need to get the interview you want. CazVid is always free to use. Download it now and show the world your personality.

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