Management & Vision

CazVid is a free, video-only, employment and income related, social media. CazVid’s vision is to replace the outdated process of written job postings and resumes with a video-based employment-related screening tool.

CazVid is excited to present a free, easy-to-use, video-only social media platform for employers and employees. CazVid is always free to sign up, post and share videos. CazVid is also always free to communicate with other users. CazVid is an easy-to-use, quick and simple video platform, where job seekers record up to 30 second videos, highlighting their skills, experience and work objectives. Similarly, employers record 30 second videos presenting their job offers or temporary hiring needs. Finally, employers can connect with candidates and vice versa. CazVid is available for full time employment, part time jobs, commission only gigs, short term projects, business opportunities, franchises, and paid training.

CazVid Executives:

Yuvi Shmul

Yuvi Shmul, founder and chief executive officer. For nearly 20 years, Yuvi has been the founder, owner and CEO of several companies in the online-marketing, franchising, services, retail, and financial industries. Yuvi is experienced with executive management, operations, sales, marketing and developing concepts from the startup and early stage all the way to multi-million dollar entities.

Jerry Paquette

Jerry Paquette, executive marketing. Jerry has worked in marketing and web development for more than 20 years. Jerry has significant experience with online marketing campaigns, social media promotions, video production, and corporate image and related art production. Jerry has spent the last 5 years mastering the cost effective management of social media and online marketing campaigns.

Mike Tang

Mike Tang, executive technology. For the last 20 years, Mike has been the chief technology officer and technology executive of several start up and mid size companies. He is very experienced with software development, finding the right technologies based on companies needs, and implementing scalable technology plans.

Jeff Harris

Jeff Harris, executive customer experience. For over 20 years, Jeff has owned small to midsize companies and operated startup and early stage entities. Most recently, he has spent the last decade as an admission executive in the trade schools system. He is very experienced with the market of job applicants and hiring companies.

Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith, executive legal and business development. Kevin is an attorney with over 22 years of experience providing legal and business strategy support for the government and private-sector industries and companies, including key leadership roles helping companies partner with public agencies to develop U.S. workforce and hiring networks across the U.S. Most recently, Kevin co-founded a full-service placement firm that pioneered customized job training and placement support for the manufacturing, hospitality, and retail industries.

Scott Meloeny

Scott Meloeny, executive business development. Throughout his professional career, Scott has been innovating and implementing new workforce frameworks to establish successful opportunities for individuals, employers, and communities, across all socio-economic environments and industries. Regionally and internationally, he has been generating businesses and experiences, that emphasize, empower, and offer, alternative and accessible career education, training, and placement.

Nicole Simond

Nicole Simonds, executive business relations. Nicole has nearly 20 years experience in the event planning, fitness, and commercial real estate industries. Her background includes human resource management, social media marketing, developing business strategies, and executing customers’ projects and events. Most recently Nicole has been in the commercial real estate industry managing portfolios of commercial properties.

Tom Molloy

Tom Molloy, executive business relations. For over 20 years, Tom has been investing and brokering in companies and projects in the U.S. and Costa Rica.  Tom has been involved in the real estate industry, debt and equity markets, and other small businesses across multiple industries.  He has been heavily involved in all phases of growing businesses and projects, including the strategic planning, capital raising, and operations.

Shawn Rivers

Shayne Rivers. executive promotions. Shawn has over 10 years experience in event promotions and hospitality management. As a general manager of bars and restaurants, he has been involved with hiring, training and managing employees. In addition, Shawn had been a former professional athletes and has been working in the geophysics industry.

Stacey Sicz

Stacey Sicz. executive administrative & promotions. Stacey has nearly 20 years experience in the real estate, event promotions, and hospitality industries. She has been a general manager and a bar manager for large restaurants. She has been involved in hiring and managing employees, marketing, accounting, and all aspects of day to day operations.

Sally Facinelli

Sally Facinelli, CFE, Executive Strategy. Sally is a dynamic and accomplished executive with a diverse 25-year background in franchising, marketing and software. She was the co-founder of a digital marketing agency. She also has extensive experience, as an executive and advisor, growing companies from infancy to multi-million-dollar entities and IPO. Sally is a noted mentor, source, speaker and author.

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