Management & Vision

CazVid is a free, video-only, employment and income related, social media app. CazVid’s vision is to replace the outdated process of written job postings and resumes with a video-based employment-related screening tool.

CazVid is excited to present a free, easy-to-use, video-only social media platform for employers and employees. CazVid is always free to sign up, post and share videos. CazVid is also always free to communicate with other users. CazVid is an easy-to-use, quick and simple video platform, where job seekers record up to 30 second videos, highlighting their skills, experience and work objectives. Similarly, employers record 30 second videos presenting their job offers or temporary hiring needs. Finally, employers can connect with candidates and vice versa by messaging directly in the app. CazVid is available for full time employment, part time jobs, commission only gigs, short term projects, business opportunities, franchises, and paid training.

CazVid Team & Executives:

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