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Looking to find interns for your company or small business? Check out the free app, CazVid! 

CazVid is an incredibly fast and easy way to post job listings and view resumes through a video-only format. Browse video resumes of recent college graduates and communicate with top candidates for free. With CazVid's video resumes, you can easily get a good sense of an intern's verbal communication skills, personality, and enthusiasm!

Want to create a job listing? Simply record a free 30 second video in the CazVid app that describes what you're looking for. Provide answers to questions such as: What duties would the intern be required to perform? Is this a paid or unpaid internship? Is this a full or part time position? What department or discipline would they be trained and working in? These are just some of the questions you could answer in your free job listing video on CazVid!

How to Make A Job Listing:

Creating a job listing on CazVid is easy and fast! Simply download the CazVid app on your iPhone or Android device, follow the onscreen instructions to sign up, then press the "Create" button on the bottom of the screen. You will then be able to record your job listing video with the option of uploading a video you may already have.

CazVid is a video-only job listing app. Download the CazVid app now and start hiring for your internship program!

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Create short 30 second job listing videos and receive 30 second video resume responses. Yes, it’s that easy!

Post Job Listings

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Free job listing! Record or upload a 30 second job listing video right in the CazVid app and share it for job seekers to find and reply to.

View Resumés

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View video resumes! Browse 30 second resumé videos for free. Candidates interested in your job listing will respond with a video resume for you to watch!


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Communicate in the app! See a candidate you like? Get the process started and introduce yourself by clicking the "Contact Me" button and start messaging directly in the app.

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