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CazVid is a FREE, video-only, employment and income related social media App. CazVid's vision is to replace the outdated process of written video resumes and job postings, with a video resume and video job posting platform.

We proudly present to you CazVid, a free and easy-to-use social media video network for employers and candidates. At CazVid, registering, posting and sharing videos is 100% FREE. It is also free to communicate with users and companies.

CazVid is a simple, fast, and easy-to-use video platform where job seekers record videos of up to 30 seconds to showcase their talents, experience and career goals. Likewise, employers can record videos of up to 30 seconds to present their job offers or job requirements.

Additionally, employers can connect with candidates and vice versa by sending direct messages in the App. CazVid is available for full time jobs, temporary jobs and short projects/gigs.

andres de cazvid
Andrés Garcia
Executive Business Developer.

During the last 8 years, Andrés has had 4 businesses and has worked in senior positions in two more businesses, creating the marketing strategies in each one and bringing the projects to life. Andrés started his first business when he was 16 and has been involved in marketing ever since. When Andrés turned 20, he had already been listed in the top 20 of “The most successful young entrepreneurs” in his city. More recently, Andrés has started a property management company which he has expanded in a few months.

chad cazvid
Chad Cloward
Executive Business Developer.

Chad has a bachelor's degree in finance. He has been involved in various businesses and investments for over 30 years, including being an associate manager in a construction company, having his own real estate agency buying and selling properties in Arizona and Mexico. Most recently, he has managed a successful coastal resort in Mexico and is now fully focused on CazVid.

Dan norris cazvid
Dan Norris
Executive Business Developer.

For nearly 15 years, Dan has been a real estate broker in Chicago. Prior to that he has worked a variety of jobs within the service industry. Dan has an extensive business network and takes pride in building business relationships in the Chicagoland area.

Jeff de Cazvid
Jeff Harris
Customer Service Executive

For over 20 years, Jeff has owned small to midsize companies and operated startup and early stage entities. Most recently, he has spent the last decade as an admission executive in the trade schools system. He is very experienced with the market of job applicants and hiring companies.

Jasmine de CazVid
Jasmine Forte
Business Executive / Public Relations Specialist

Jasmine is a young entrepreneur and successful business owner having already won 'most successful small business' awards in the Edmonton area for two consecutive years. She has since expanded her business to provinces all across Canada. Her entrepreneurial capability and relationship building skills have enabled her to create a strong business rapport with clients, creating loyal repeat clients seeking to work directly with her. Jasmine has brought her hard work and ambitious spirt to CazVid, while continuing to grow her business and working towards her business law degree.

jayden de CazVid
Jayden Monique
Business Executive / Public Relations Specialist

Jayden is our Phoenix, AZ and San Diego, CA Business Executive. She has assisted in developing several businesses as well as her own Treatment and Certified Training Center for Advanced Aesthetics and Permanent Cosmetics. Jayden provides small businesses and corporations with a variety of opportunities which include Marketing, Advertising, and Sponsored Media Exposure. She Assists in growing and maintaining CazVid's reputation and brand while promoting positive public awareness of the company.

Jerry de CazVid
Jerry Paquette
Marketing Executive

Jerry has worked in marketing and web development for more than 20 years. Jerry has significant experience with online marketing campaigns, social media promotions, video production, and corporate image and related art production. Jerry has spent the last 5 years mastering the cost effective management of social media and online marketing campaigns.

Jonny de CazVid
Jonny Paquette
Web designer and Marketing Executive

Jonny has worked in photography and video production for over 10 years and in marketing and website development for the last two years. Jonny has experience with online marketing campaigns, social media promotions, video production, and corporate image and related graphic and multi-media production. Jonny has spent the last 2 years mastering the website development, organic website SEO, social media and online advertising campaigns.

Juan de CazVid
Juan David Calle Duque
Digital Marketing Executive

Juan has worked in digital marketing for over 11 years. He has founded several start-ups and knows how to achieve goals with limited resources. Juan also helped many businesses around the world to increase their revenues and ROAS through profitable digital marketing campaigns.

Kevin smith the CazVid
Kevin Smith
Legal and Business Development Executive

Kevin is an attorney with over 22 years of experience providing legal and business strategy support for the government and private-sector industries and companies, including key leadership roles helping companies partner with public agencies to develop U.S. workforce and hiring networks across the U.S. Most recently, Kevin co-founded a full-service placement firm that pioneered customized job training and placement support for the manufacturing, hospitality, and retail industries.

Mike tang de CazVid
Mike Tang
Web designer and Marketing Executive

For the last 20 years, Mike has been the chief technology officer and technology executive of several start up and mid size companies. He is very experienced with software development, finding the right technologies based on companies needs, and implementing scalable technology plans.

Nicole Simond de CazVid
Nicole Simonds
Public Relations Executive

Nicole has nearly 20 years experience in the event planning, fitness, and commercial real estate industries. Her background includes human resource management, social media marketing, developing business strategies, and executing customers’ projects and events. Most recently Nicole has been in the commercial real estate industry managing portfolios of commercial properties.

Omer Robel de CazVid
Omer Roble
Administrative Executive

Omer has been working in executive management in the service industry for over 10 years. Omer has begun his career in the art and design industry, where he spent nearly a decade. Later he has crossed over to several management and marketing roles in the service industry. He is experienced in general management, including recruiting, training and operations.

Scott Meloeny de CazVid
Scott Meloeny
Executive Business Developer

Throughout his professional career, Scott has been innovating and implementing new workforce frameworks to establish successful opportunities for individuals, employers, and communities, across all socio-economic environments and industries. Regionally and internationally, he has been generating businesses and experiences, that emphasize, empower, and offer, alternative and accessible career education, training, and placement.

Shayne Rivers de CazVid
Shayne Rivers
Promotion Executive

Shawn has over 10 years experience in event promotions and hospitality management. As a general manager of bars and restaurants, he has been involved with hiring, training and managing employees. In addition, Shawn had been a former professional athletes and has been working in the geophysics industry.

Shawn Hartenstein de CazVid
Shawn Hartenstein
Exectuvie Public Relations

Shawn has been involved with CazVid since its inception. She has been involved with strategic planning and general company promotional activities. Shawn holds a Bachelor of Science in Communications from Arizona State University, and prior to CazVid she has worked in the consumer and service industries.

Stacey Sicz de CazVid
Stacey Sicz
Administrative and Promotion Executive

Stacey has nearly 20 years experience in the real estate, event promotions, and hospitality industries. She has been a general manager and a bar manager for large restaurants. She has been involved in hiring and managing employees, marketing, accounting, and all aspects of day to day operations.

Tom Molloy de CazVid
Tom Molloy
Executive Business Relations

For over 20 years, Tom has been investing and brokering in companies and projects in the U.S. and Costa Rica. Tom has been involved in the real estate industry, debt and equity markets, and other small businesses across multiple industries. He has been heavily involved in all phases of growing businesses and projects, including the strategic planning, capital raising, and operations.

Wesley Bouwmeester de CazVid
Wesley Bouwmeester
Executive Business Developer

Wesley is a young and ambitions entrepreneur from the Netherlands who started his first company at the age of 20. With his background in Industrial Engineering and Management he knows how to optimize and built companies in an efficient and profitable way. In the last 4 years he started different companies and builds them step-by-step from the ground up to make it a success.

Wyatt Garner de CazVid
Wyatt Garner
Software Developer

Wyatt has several years experience in software development, and UI/UX Design. He is a react native developer, with a full stack development experience. Wyatt is focusing on designing elegant user interfaces, and creating a captivating user experience.

Yuvi Shmul de CazVid
Yuvi Shmul
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

For nearly 20 years, Yuvi has been the founder, owner and CEO of several companies in the online-marketing, franchising, services, retail, and financial industries. Yuvi is experienced with executive management, operations, sales, marketing and developing concepts from the startup and early stage all the way to multi-million dollar entities.

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