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Do you want a Business Opportunity in Bogotá? With CazVid you can become an exclusive city promoter in Bogotá and start working whenever you want.

It is well known that more people are looking to do business in Bogotá, especially with freedom and the possibility to work from their own home. With the exclusive city promoter program of CazVid, which is better than all other business opportunities and franchise models, you can just do that. Start now and become the first part-time or full-time exclusive city promoter in Bogotá. 

As an exclusive city promoter, you will be responsible for finding companies and candidates for the CazVid app. The CazVid application is always free for businesses and job candidates, so your task to promote the app is doable. The city exclusive promoter program in Bogotá was already started by the CazVid team, so the biggest challenge, to get the first candidates and companies, is already done. You can become the City Exclusive Business promoter in Bogotá and help the app grow in the city. 

The free CazVid application is available for anyone who is searching for candidates. Companies in Bogotá can record a 20-30 second video in which they describe the company and their need for new candidates. Companies then can search the free video resumes on the CazVid app and contact the candidates there directly. 

Furthermore, job seekers can record a 20-30 second video resume on the CazVid application at no charge and contact companies directly from the CazVid application. It is now also possible to share interesting jobs with your peers. 

CazVid will always be free for companies, recording and uploading job videos describing their needs and communicating directly with candidates. CazVid is also always free for job seekers and candidates who want to find a new job, to download the application, record a 20-30 second video resume and communicate directly with companies and other opportunities. Cazvid is the only, completely free, video-based, job video and video resume application.

You now have the chance to start with this City Exclusive Promoter program in Bogotá. It is known as a better then franchise and all other business opportunities. The team of City Exclusive promoters is growing rapidly, don’t hesitate and take your spot right now. 

For more information you can contact Wesley Bouwmeester, +57 321 691 2508 or wesley@cazvid.com. 

Disclaimer: this is not a business opportunity or franchise opportunity. This is not related to crypto or multi level marketing and there is no investment required.

CazVid, great lead generation and screening tool for franchisors

Companies that sell franchises and business opportunities always walk the fine line between their desire to sell more franchises and their need for qualified franchisees.  Franchisors know that one of the most important elements of successful franchisees is their personality.  Business owners and franchisees, who are personable, presentable, and have great communication skills, have greater relationships with their employees and with the customers.    Those relationships lead to better longevity for their business.

CazVid is the perfect tool for franchisors, business opportunity companies, franchise consultants and business brokers.  CazVid is a free app for income opportunities and employment.  More specifically, CazVid allows individuals to record a free 30 second videos, describing themselves and explain what kind of employment or business opportunity they seek.  CazVid also allows employers and companies to record free 30 second video, explaining their job opening, franchise opportunity, or business opportunity. Next, franchisors can communicate on the app with prospective franchisees and enjoy the perfect CazVid matching system.

Sally Facinelli, CFE, explains that “CazVid is a revolutionary game changer allowing you to market yourself, your business, or your opportunity in a more personal ‘touch and feel’ way. ”  Sally has over 20 year of executive experience in the franchise industry.  She is the Chief Visionary Officer of Fresh Advisors, and CazVid is proud to call her “one of their own,” as an advisor of CazVid.

Download the CazVid app, and give it a try.  CazVid is always free to sign up.  It takes 15 seconds.  It is free to record videos and it is always free to communicate with other.


Small Business Owners Share the Vision of Yuvi Shmul, the Founder of CazVid

In a recent networking event comprised of small business owners from Arizona, Florida, California, Costa Rica and Israel, enthusiasm was shared regarding the CazVid platform. Several small business owners shared their challenges with finding qualified employees for their businesses as most job posting websites are expensive and job applications received are just not qualified for the position. Yes, the other job posting boards still charge the small business owners for “receiving” employment inquiries from unqualified job applications. Yuvi Shmul, the founder of CazVid and other small businesses explained that he wanted to create an easy social media platform that is free for employers and prospective employees.

Small business owners also mentioned that so many job applicants simply don’t posses the basic presentation and communication skills that the business required. Most small business employee tasks require interactions with customers, so regardless of the job requirements, candidates need to be presentable, show enthusiasm, and possess a high level of verbal and body language communication skills. Yuvi explained that hence the idea of a video only, or a video based, job openings and resumes app. Over the past two decades, Yuvi has interviewed and hired hundreds of employees, filling a variety of positions. During that time, Yuvi found that job candidates would often appear highly qualified on paper, but upon the first interaction it became apparent that the candidates did not possess the necessary communication skills for the job.  A video resume, or a video personal introduction can save a lot of time for busy small business owners who have to screen hundreds of prospective employees.

CazVid.com was founded by Yuvi Shmul with the vision of a free, easy to use, employment matching platform for small businesses, using a video based job board social media app.


CazVid Video Job Postings Make Sense – Lots of Sense

We have all gotten used to video resumes, but what about video job postings? Potential employees love to see where they will work and get a better first impression of why they should apply for a given job. Written job postings just don’t tell the full story and the more you think about it, video job postings make a lot of sense which is why CazVid brings video job posting on its video employment platform.

Are you looking for new employees in a cool busy bar/restaurant? Show a video of the bar and restaurant while describing the details of the job opening.

Are you expecting your future hire to know certain skills or to complete certain tasks? Show a video of the work that is expected to be done.

You got a great group of employees that will be the co-workers of the future hire? Record a quick 30 second CazVid video of your existing team, inviting new candidates to apply for the job.

CazVid Job Posting are free for employers.  Employers can sign up for free (15 seconds sign up), record a video (30 seconds video), and share it on the CazVid (patent pending) video-only employment- and income- related social media.

CazVid – Free video platform for franchises, business opportunities, training, and small projects.

CazVid is a video platform for employers and potential employees. The concept of video resumes and video business “showcasing” is not new.  However, CazVid is the first (patent pending) and only (to the best of our knowledge) video platform for matching between employers and employees, franchisors and prospective franchisees, and training programs and future trainees.  It is a video-only presentation of what’s offered as a job by one party and what is being sought by the other party.

CazVid was created with employment and income in mind. It is the best and free way to present jobs, projects, franchises, training programs, and short term hiring needs to the world.  On the other end of the “matching”, CazVid is the best way to present your skills, experience, job objectives, hiring and income desires.  CazVid is a free video-only platform for employment and income.

CazVid – Faceless Video Resume for Call Center Candidates and Over the Phone Customer Service Reps

Did we say faceless video resume?  Yes.

Not that we don’t want to see you, but here at CazVid we believe that video resumes are the best way to land a job – even if you do not want to be seen.  Video cover letters and video resumes can include one’s voice to demonstrate the ability to be a great call center employee or a customer service rep.  Many call center employees these days work from home.  Record a video resume to show that you have the perfect setting at home with a phone, computer and a quiet area.  You don’t need to show yourself.  Just by speaking in a video resume and submitting your CazVid video to employers, you can demonstrate that you are the perfect “voice” for the job.

CazVid is a free, video-only, video-resume, video-cover letter, and video-job-postings app. Employers and employees can interact on the platform with or without traditional written resumes and traditional written job postings.  The concept is simple.  In today’s digital world, and work-from home world, the voice and personality of the candidates, for some jobs, is by far more important than the candidates’ written CV.  CazVid is the best first impression for employers and employees. CazVid is always free to sign up, record a video, share and communicate.



Is CazVid a Video-Interview? Video-Resume? Or Video-Cover Letter?

Often we are asked if CazVid is an employment video interview tool or a video resume or a video cover letter? Well, it’s kind of all of the above.  CazVid is the best first impression employment screening tool.  As our lovely business relations executive Nicole Simonds explains, “CazVid is the first impression. Period.”

Prospective employees can use CazVid as a video cover letter. Below the video, they can add a link to their resume, Linkedin account, or any other website they may use to promote themselves.  CazVid can also be used instead of traditional resumes.  After all, for many positions, one’s background and experience is not as important as their personality and the way they carry themselves.

Finally, CazVid can be used to answer interview questions. Employers can send a request to prospective employees to answer interview questions via a casual video (CazVid).

CazVid is always free to use. It takes 15 seconds to sign up. 30 seconds to record a video, and an extra few seconds to share your video with many potential employers.

Hiring Salespeople? Let them CazVid you

CazVid is the first and only, video-only job board.  Candidates record 30 second video resumes and share them. Employers record 30 second video job postings and share them. It simple, free, and brings the screening of future employer-employees to the next level.

Employers, see how candidates for sales positions speak, communicate, and present themselves.

Employees, see what companies have to offer in a short video presentation.

Hiring for a sales position? Looking for a sales position?  CazVid it.

Video job interview even before you interview

What? Video interview even before you interview?

So many employers are using video interviews these days to get to know their candidates beyond the written resumes.  Written resumes have been the gold standard for the initial screening of employees.  However, resumes do not show the person personality and communication skills.

Now with CazVid, employers don’t need to meet prospective employees to get the “first impression.” Ask candidates to CazVid you.  CazVid is the best first impression screening tool out there for prospective employees and employers.

CazVid it in 30 second casual (Caz) Video (Vid). Its free, easy-to-use, and its your video statement to the world. Sign up, record, share and get hired on CazVid.

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