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Student Intern Jobs – Video Resumes

Video CV for Students on CazVid

CazVid is the perfect platform to record a video cv (curriculum vitae) and showcase yourself.  Students are invited to record a free 30 second video cv and share their video with employers.  Employers, on the other hand, record 30 second video job listings and share their needs for their job openings.

CazVid is the matching platform for students with employers.  It is always free to record a video cv (video resume or even a video cover letter) and it always free for employers to record a free video job posting (job listings/job openings).  The CazVid platform was designed to have video presentation of the students personality and enthusiasm – a form of cv that cannot be represented in a traditional written cv.

Check out the CazVid app

CazVid your personality to get your intern job

How do you compete with all the other students to get your summer intern position?

CazVid your personality.

CazVid is a free video resume and video job posting matching platform, where students who are looking for summer intern position can record a 30 second video and showcase their personality, charisma, enthusiasm, and communication skills.  When you CazVid someone, you send them a Casual (Caz) Video (Vid) of who you are and you convince them to get you that intern position instead of giving the position to someone else.

What should you say on your CazVid?

Speak freely, openly, casually, just as you will speak in a regular networking session. Clearly be professional and remember that you are presenting yourself for a potential job, but there is no need to be formal.  CazVid was designed to show YOU in a way that a written resume CANNOT.   Employers want to invite smart and successful people to work for them, but they are also looking for people with fun personalities and great communication skills, to be able to create a fun and positive working enviorment.

Check out the free CazVid app.

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