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Free Video Resume Directory of Job Candidates for Job Recruiters

More and more headhunters and job recruiters are starting to use CazVid to access the CazVid video resume bank of job seekers and candidates worldwide.

Recruiters are welcome to use CazVid and post all of their job openings at no charge to the recruiters.  Recruiters can also contact all the prospective candidates on CazVid at no charge. 

CazVid is the first and only free video-based job posting directory and video-based candidate video resume directory, with jobs and candidates from all over the world.  The app is designed to show the personality and communication skills of job seekers in a video format, so that recruiters can quickly identify the best candidates for any job opening they may have.

Similarly, prospective employees can watch videos of job openings.  Recruiters record a 30 second video of the job opening to present the job opening in a more interesting fashion vs traditional written job listing.

CazVid is always free to download, sign up, record videos, and communicate with others.  Check out the CazVid app on https://cazvid.com/

CazVid’s Free Job Posting Method

CazVid Free Job Posting

Employers looking to find the right candidate for the job position can be a bit of frustrating when there’s many resources available for putting a job listing out there, but often it can be expensive and/or a time consuming headache. Makes you wonder: is there a better way to hire? The answer is yes! CazVid was specifically designed to make the employment hiring process as fast and efficient as possible. How so? Well, unlike other job board and recruitment sites/apps, CazVid skips the written format and uses video-only to connect employers with job seekers.

Employers simply download the CazVid app, record and share a short 30 second video describing the job position and what’s looked for in a potential candidate, and that’s it! Your job listing video is shared on CazVid’s job marketplace for job seekers from all over to find. Interested candidates can contact you with video resumes which makes the screening process fast and incredibly easy as video is able to convey a candidates verbal communication skills, personality, and enthusiasm. We truly believe the CazVid method brings hiring to the next level and the best part is that it’s also free!

The CazVid app is available for download now for iPhone & Android devices | Click Here to Download Now

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CazVid is looking for Recruiters and Headhunters

CazVid, the video-only  platform for video-resumes and video-job postings is looking for industry recruiters and headhunters.  CazVid has a unique business model where recruiters and headhunter can use the platform for free to get more job openings and more job candidates.

Also, CazVid is happy to compensate recruiters and headhunters for bringing new job seekers and new companies to the system.

Soooo, it’s a win win situation to all.  Headhunters and recruiters, contact us for details and visit us at the CazVid platform.

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