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Make money with CazVid

The CazVid world of opportunity (Video Resumes and Video Job Postings)

Looking for a full time job, part time job, extra income, or any business ideas, check out the CazVid free app. 

CazVid is a free video job listing and video resume app.  It is the app that lets you show your personality.  

It is the quick, easy and free matching platform that connects you with income opportunities immediately.  Find a gig you like, start a conversation with the employer on the spot. 

Go to CazVid. Show us your personality.

Looking for a job? 

Now you can CazVid it.

Record a free 30 second video and find job openings. 

It’s like a dating app… just without the awkward first date. 

Quickly scroll through job listings, see one you like?

Contact the hiring company with your own 30 second video resume. It’s that quick and that easy!

CazVid is always free. Download now and start viewing & posting resumes and job listing videos!


Social Media Addicts Needed

Are you a social media addict?  CazVid needs you. 

Do you want to make a quick 100, 200 or 500 bucks? We are looking for anyone who can reach 50 people on social media to join our CazVid platform.   CazVid is a free employment app, with a special twist.  It is a matching employment app, where job seekers and employers record 30 seconds videos, describing themselves. 

Check out the CazVid app and contact us.



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