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A new and free way to find employees with the CazVid Free Video Job Listings and Job Resumes App

Finally there is a new, unique, and free way to find new employees.  If you are looking for employees, local, or remote, get on the CazVid Video Job board today.  CazVid is a free app, where employers can post a free job posting.  Unlike other websites and apps that charge high fees, and unlike recruiters who take commission to find help, the CazVid job board is an easy, quick, and unique app to find your next hire.

What makes the CazVid app unique is that all job listings are video based.  Also, what makes the CazVid app unique is that employers can view and directly communicate with job seekers, who present their CazVid video resume.   CazVid, stands for casual video, was designed to serve as a free employment matching platform. Instead of employees always initiating the communication with employers; instead of employers always paying for job postings; instead of employers always present their job requirements in a boring traditional written format; and instead of employers reviewing the outdated all-look-alike written resumes – her comes the CazVid free video-based job board.

CazVid takes 15 seconds to sign up, 30 seconds to record a video job opening or a video resume, minutes to search your next job or you next employee, and go!  Start communicate, hire away, or get hired!  And all of those steps are always free of charge to all participants:  Hire, Get Hired on https://www.CazVid.com

Find Locksmith Technicians on CazVid

CazVid Locksmith Technicians

Own a locksmith business that’s looking to hire additional technicians? Looking to have your house locks upgraded or your business setup with an access control system? Find the help you need on the free job matching app, CazVid!

With CazVid, all job listings are short 30 second videos that can be recorded right in the app and shared for free. Candidates will respond to your locksmith job listing video with a 30 second video resume. The CazVid platform for employment is not only fast, but incredibly easy.

The CazVid app is always free and is available for download now on iPhone and Android devices.


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Cleaners for Rental Properties Wanted in Arizona

Arizona Vacation Rental Service is currently looking to hire cleaners to tidy up once guests check out in the morning. This is just one of many jobs that can be found in Arizona when using the CazVid app.

Quickly browse job listing videos in Phoenix, Tucson, or anywhere else in Arizona. Filter job listings by what’s nearest to you and by the kind of job you’re looking for. It could be a part time custodian or house keeper position or a one time gig. CazVid makes job searching easy and is available now for Android and iPhone. Check it out, it’s free!

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Share a Free Job Posting Video

Business owners and employers that are looking to hire are invited to share a job listing video on CazVid for free. What sort of job positions? Pretty much anything. Whether it’s an entry level position, sales, customer service, delivery, internship, trade service, etc! Whatever the job may be, record and share a 30 second video that explains the position and what you’re looking for in a candidate. CazVid is always free to use, download the app now and share your job listing video!

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Record & Send Your Video Resume on CazVid!

Find all sorts of jobs, gigs and opportunities on the free job listings app, CazVid! Browse job postings for sales positions, freelance work, internships, etc.  All job listings are presented as short 30 second videos. See a job that interests you? Click ‘contact’ and send your video resume which can be recorded and shared for free!
Download CazVid: Apple Store , Google Play
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CazVid Free Video Employment Matching App

As one of our new promoters has said, “CazVid is a free video employment matching app.”  You can find many websites and apps with job postings and resumes.  Many of those are written job listings and traditional written resumes.  You can also find video resumes online, video show cases of companies and job openings, and platform for video interviews.

However, CazVid is the first and best, video-only, video-base, free, employment matching app.  Anyone who is seeking jobs, income, opportunities or training can record a free 30 second video.  Anyone who is offering jobs, paid projects, internships, training or any business opportunities can record a free 30 second video as well. The two parties can now share, like, communicate and be matched. CazVid is a simple, easy to use, free 30 second employment matching platform.  Try it out: CazVid

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