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How to record a Medical Billing Video Resume? And where to post it?

If you are a medical biller and you are looking for work, you should record and post a video resume.
Companies are now using free apps that allow you to post your video resume to find you.   Medical Billing Video Resumes in Arizona are already being posted on the CazVid app and medical billing companies are posting job openings in video formats.
For many medical billing companies, the medical billers do not interact with patients or other customers.  So you may say, why is a video resume relevant? After all video resumes are about showing ones’ personality.  Video resumes are about showing how a candidate will interact with clients.
Well, video resumes are more than that!!!
What to say on your medical billing video resume?
Whether you just finished your medical billing certificate or whether you have several years experience, hiring medical billing companies are looking for people that will be easy and enjoyable to work with.
Your medical biller video resume is your opportunity to show how you are, show your personality, and communicate verbally that you are extremely excited to work in the medical billing industry!
Once you are done recording your medical billing professional video resume, where should you record it?
CazVid is a free app where medical billing companies post job openings in a video format.  Job candidates can record a video introduction to their medical billing experience. Finally, the candidates and the hiring companies can communicate for free on CazVid, hire and get hired.

What’s a video job posting? What’s a job opening in a casual video format?

Although it’s not new, CazVid, the free job posting app, is pioneering the video job listing format and the concept of job opening in a casual video presentation.

Why use videos for job opening posts?

1. Candidates are bored, yes – bored, of reading traditional written job openings.

2. Hey, the world is moving to short video posts and messages for all forms of presentations and communication – why not having a short video presentation of your job opening.

3. Candidates can see where they will work and who they will work for.  Research shows that candidates often take jobs, not just because of pay, but because of the likeability of the person they will be working for.

4. The CazVid founder, Yuvi Shmul, explains that for many job listings, a casual video presentation of the opportunity is a fun and light presentation of what the company is looking for:. Casual Video – hence CazVid.

5. Consider the video job posting as your participation in the 24/7 virtual job fair.  The candidates don’t only read your job opening details, they see and hear, you, the work place and what your company has to offer.

So with the largest free access to a bank of video resumes and with an opportunity to post for free a video job opening, CazVid is the place to post a video and interact with employers, employees, gig seekers and short term employment opportunities.   The app is design for remote workers and local employees.

Post a free job opening in a video format on the CazVid platform today, and find your next hire!

Find Real Estate Agents using the CazVid App

CazVid Real Estate Agent

Looking to buy or sell a property, but finding the process of negotiating prices, dealing with paperwork, and researching the current housing market to be a bit intimidating? You’re not alone, that’s why finding a great real estate agent is the best course of action. But where do you look to find one? The search for a good realtor can become a frustration in and of itself, but with the free app, CazVid, finding the right realtor is made easy!

CazVid is a free job matching platform in which all job listings and resumes are short 30 second videos that can be recorded and shared directly in the CazVid app. In a short real estate job listing video, simply describe what you’re seeking in a candidate. Do you have particular requirements? Questions to ask? Put it out there for licensed realtors to see on CazVid’s job board. Interested candidates can respond with their own video. Not only is CazVid easy, it’s fast! And did we mention that it’s free? 

Download CazVid now on iPhone & Android devices | CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD CAZVID

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Find Mechanics on CazVid

CazVid Hiring a Mechanic

Looking to hire mechanics for your auto repair shop? Trying to find a specialist for your boat or diesel engine? CazVid invites you to record a free job listing video for mechanics wherein you can describe in a 30 second video what you’re looking for in a candidate. Videos can be captured or uploaded right in the CazVid app, making it easy! After you’ve finished creating your video, share it for free on CazVid’s video-only, job marketplace. Interested candidates can then respond to your job listing with a video resumes.

The CazVid app is always free and is available for download now on iPhone and Android devices.


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Pet Sitter Job Posting on CazVid

CazVid Pet Sitter Job Posting

Last minute plans for the weekend and you need someone to watch your cat? Broke your leg and need someone to walk your dog? Don’t sweat it, just CazVid it!

Posting a job listing on CazVid is incredibly fast and easy; all it takes is 30 seconds to record a video to describe the job position and what qualities you look for in a potential candidate. After sharing your video, applicants will respond with video resumes. It’s that easy! CazVid is perfect for finding locals who simply want to take care of your pet as well as finding professional animal trainers, groomers, and other animal related services.

Download CazVid now for iPhone & Android | CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD CAZVID

Find Housekeepers & Nannies on CazVid!

CazVid candidates reply with video

When looking to hire a nanny or housekeeper, it’s important to find somebody you know you can trust which can be difficult to discern from a faceless written resume. CazVid seeks to solve this issue through its video-only format in which all resumes are short 30 second videos that can be recorded and uploaded directly in the CazVid app. Being able to see and hear a job candidate’s enthusiasm, personality, and communication skills can help provide a much clearer idea of who you may be letting into your home.

Creating a job post for a nanny, housekeeper, or another position is free and takes only 30 seconds to record a job listing video.

CazVid is a free job listings app that is available for download now on iPhone & Android devices. Check it out now and start browsing video resumes, it’s free!


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CazVid’s Free Job Posting Method

CazVid Free Job Posting

Employers looking to find the right candidate for the job position can be a bit of frustrating when there’s many resources available for putting a job listing out there, but often it can be expensive and/or a time consuming headache. Makes you wonder: is there a better way to hire? The answer is yes! CazVid was specifically designed to make the employment hiring process as fast and efficient as possible. How so? Well, unlike other job board and recruitment sites/apps, CazVid skips the written format and uses video-only to connect employers with job seekers.

Employers simply download the CazVid app, record and share a short 30 second video describing the job position and what’s looked for in a potential candidate, and that’s it! Your job listing video is shared on CazVid’s job marketplace for job seekers from all over to find. Interested candidates can contact you with video resumes which makes the screening process fast and incredibly easy as video is able to convey a candidates verbal communication skills, personality, and enthusiasm. We truly believe the CazVid method brings hiring to the next level and the best part is that it’s also free!

The CazVid app is available for download now for iPhone & Android devices | Click Here to Download Now

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CazVid the video resume and video job posting app in Mesa-Tempe-Scottsdale-Gilbert-Chandler-Phoenix

Press Release

Tempe, Arizona. June 1, 2021.

Today, CazVid has announced that it has increased its promotion and marketing efforts in metro Phoenix for its video-based job matching system.

CazVid is a free job matching app with a specific twist, whereas job candidates record a 30 second video resume and employers record a 30 second video job posting. The CazVid concept is promoted worldwide, but today the company has announced that it will increase its marketing effort in Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, Scottsdale, Gilbert and Phoenix Arizona.

The founder of CazVid, Yuvi Shmul, who resides in Mesa, Arizona explains, “While we expect the CazVid app to be a world-wide job board free platform, our roots are definitely here in the east valley of metro Phoenix Arizona.” Yuvi has owned multiple businesses in Arizona for the last 20 years and as a business owner, he has seen the challenges of screening job candidates.

“CazVid was created to modernize the job applicants screening process.  Job searchers record a 30 second video resume or a video intro, and employers can easily find the candidates who are the most charismatic,” Yuvi explains. “Other job board sites are expensive for small businesses and provide the same ol’ written resumes database. CazVid is free and gives employers a great first impression tool of prospective employees, especially for entry level positions, hospitality job openings, sales positions and customer service jobs.”

About the company: CazVid is a free platform for job searchers and employers. CazVid is a video resume and video job posting app, designed to improve the job searching and matching process. CazVid is based out of Tempe, Arizona.


free job listings for small businesses

There are a lot of reasons that running a business can be tough. From deciding what kind of business you want to start, to keeping up with financial records, to staying up-to-date on the latest research and technology, it’s easy for entrepreneurs to lose sleep at night. Of course, there’s also another unavoidable aspect of running a business—the ups and downs. The good days where everything seems to go right and the bad days where everything goes wrong.

At the end of the day, everyone knows that small businesses “make it or break it” with the quality of their employees, and every small business owner will tell you that hiring good, loyal, qualified employees is one of the owner’s hardest task.

Luckily there is the app CazVid. CazVid is a free video-based job listings and job resumes platform. The best part of CazVid is that it’s free for all small businesses and free for all job seekers.

CazVid connects the best qualified job seekers from around the world to the top rated small businesses that need quality employees. And it’s fast! With CazVid, there is no recruitment agency middleman or third party with a vested interest in the transaction. There are no ad placement fees. There are no long-term commitments or contracts to sign. Just download the CazVid app. Sign up – it takes 15 seconds. Record a selfie video with your job opening needs – that takes 30 seconds, and start browsing video resumes. See an applicant you like, contact the applicant and start the process towards hiring.

Check out CazVid.com

Job Applicants on CazVid

Visitors to CazVid’s job board often wonder about the companies who list jobs on the site. And before you apply for a job, it’s always best to know more about your prospective employer. That’s what makes CazVid such a quick and easy tool. CazVid is a free, video-based, job board, meaning that as a job applicant you can view a 30 second selfie, job posting of your future employer. Instead of reading about the company, instead of spending 5 boring minutes reading the same old job description, just watch a 30 second video.

Check out the CazVid app.

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