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New Hiring Platform for Arizona Job Seekers and Employers – CazVid

More and more job seekers and employers in Arizona have heard by now about the free platform for employment – CazVid.  CazVid is a unique app where job seekers record video resumes, and employers record video job postings.  The app was designed to help Arizona job seekers to stand out by presenting their personality and communication skills in a video CV (video resume).  Many employers agree that video resumes are a better representation of job candidates vs the traditional written resumes.

In fact, employers in Arizona can use the platform to present their job openings in a video format as well.  Many job candidates find it more interesting to see job postings in a short 30 second videos instead of reading the same long descriptions of job openings – which often all written the same.

The platform of CazVid is free for all employers and job candidates in Arizona.  It takes 15 seconds to sign up, 30 seconds to record a video, and users can start communicating with others within minutes.  Check out the CazVid.com website

Share a Free Job Posting Video

Business owners and employers that are looking to hire are invited to share a job listing video on CazVid for free. What sort of job positions? Pretty much anything. Whether it’s an entry level position, sales, customer service, delivery, internship, trade service, etc! Whatever the job may be, record and share a 30 second video that explains the position and what you’re looking for in a candidate. CazVid is always free to use, download the app now and share your job listing video!

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CazVid Free Video Job Board and Free Automated Employment Matching Platform

CazVid, not to confuse with Covid – although very relevant in these unfortunate days – is the casual video platform employers and job seekers have been waiting for. CazVid is a free video resume and video job posting website and app. The CazVid video job board is free and allows employers to post 30 second video job openings; job seekers post a free 30 second video resumes. CazVid utilizes its employment matching platform to make the introduction of employers with future employees.

CazVid video resumes are likely to be relevant to most job seekers. Video resumes present the personality, charisma, and communication skills of individuals in ways that traditional written resumes never could. CazVid’s video platform for presenting candidates is especially relevant for salespeople, customer service representatives, call center employees, restaurant servers, bar tenders, event staff and practically any employee who has any interaction with customers.

The CazVid video resume system is free and highly applicable for entry level position applicants and job seekers trying to differentiate themselves from others by showcasing their enthusiasm and commitment to become an employee.

It takes 15 seconds to register on CazVid and 30 seconds to record / upload a video. Communication with employers and employees can happen within minutes!



CazVid – Free video job listings and video resumes social media – for sales and customer service positions

CazVid is more than just another social media.  CazVid is more than just another “cute” video platform.  CazVid is the first and best, free video job listings and video resumes social media.  It was designed specifically with sales positions, customer service job openings and any customer interaction job listings in mind.

Users of the free CazVid free video job listings and video resumes social media platform engage with each other with a 30 second into video, and from there, users can find employers, employees, independent contractors, business opportunities and any relevant income and employment opportunities.  Check it out on CazVid.com

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