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Where do I find call center employees? Can I hear call center prospective employees before I interview them?

Looking for employees for your call center?  Need phone customer service representatives?

How many times have you received a written resume of a potential candidate and invited them to an interview, just to find out that their voice and communication skills will not cut it for your call center job opening.

Now you can hear and observe call center job candidates  verbal communication skills before you ever communicate with them.

CazVid is the first and only, video-only job board.  Candidates record 30 second video resumes and share them. Employers record 30 second video job postings and share them. It simple, free, and brings the screening of future employer-employees to the next level.

Call center job seekers on CazVid who are looking for a call center jobs, who may be camera-shy, don’t even need to show their face in their call center employee video resume.  They can record a video of their home office or show anything they want, except their faces, and just talk about their qualifications.  The CazVid video resume doesn’t have to be a video of seeing one’s face, it can be a just the job seeker voice presentation, with any other visual background).

Employers, see how candidates for sales and customer service positions speak, communicate, and present themselves on CazVid.

Employees, see what companies have to offer in a short video presentation on CazVid.

Need call center employees?  Looking for a call center job?  Download, sign up, record and communicate; and all of it is always at no charge, on the CazVid app.

Hiring Customer Service & Sales Rep on CazVid

Hire Customer Service & Sales Representatives with CazVid

Employers looking to find customer service or sales representatives for their business or company will find that CazVid is the perfect tool for the job.

CazVid job listings and resumes are showcased as short 30 second videos that quickly and easily connects employers with job candidates on a visual & audible level. When it comes to customer interaction, it’s obviously important to find candidates that posses great people skills over the phone and in person which is why CazVid’s video-only format is perfect in this instance.

The CazVid app is always free and is available for download now on iPhone and Android devices.


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CazVid – Faceless Video Resume for Call Center Candidates and Over the Phone Customer Service Reps

Did we say faceless video resume?  Yes.

Not that we don’t want to see you, but here at CazVid we believe that video resumes are the best way to land a job – even if you do not want to be seen.  Video cover letters and video resumes can include one’s voice to demonstrate the ability to be a great call center employee or a customer service rep.  Many call center employees these days work from home.  Record a video resume to show that you have the perfect setting at home with a phone, computer and a quiet area.  You don’t need to show yourself.  Just by speaking in a video resume and submitting your CazVid video to employers, you can demonstrate that you are the perfect “voice” for the job.

CazVid is a free, video-only, video-resume, video-cover letter, and video-job-postings app. Employers and employees can interact on the platform with or without traditional written resumes and traditional written job postings.  The concept is simple.  In today’s digital world, and work-from home world, the voice and personality of the candidates, for some jobs, is by far more important than the candidates’ written CV.  CazVid is the best first impression for employers and employees. CazVid is always free to sign up, record a video, share and communicate.



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