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CazVid is expanding its English and Spanish Free Video Resume Bank to Columbia, El Salvador, Mexico and Costa Rica

CazVid, the free video resume and video job postings employment app , is expanding to Latin America with the assistance of some of the most predominant influencers in the Spanish markets.   CazVid, already the largest free app of English video resumes, continues its expansion with Spanish video resumes from Columbia, Costa Rica, Mexico and other Spanish speaking countries.

The CazVid concept is simple and unique at the same time.  Prospective employees record a 30 second video resume in English, Spanish or other languages.  Candidates can show their outgoing personalities in a CazVid video introduction Curriculum Vitae.  Employers record a 30 second video job opening, also in English, Spanish or their preferred language.  Finally employers and prospective employees can communicate on the CazVid app, hire, and get hired.

CazVid charges no fees. CazVid has no commissions paid by employers or employees. CazVid is a true free platform, video-only job listings and resumes, for individuals and companies to be matched in the employment and income world.

Hire and get hired, today, with no fees, at https://www.CazVid.com


CazVid Free Bilingual Video Resume and Trilingual Free Video Job Postings

Need bilingual employees?  Have a project for trilingual independent contractors?  CazVid is the perfect screening tool for just that. CazVid is a free video job postings and a free video resumes matchmaking platform. Not the dating type matchmaking, but rather the employment and income related matching.

Now prospective employees can demonstrate their bilingual skills in a free video resume on CazVid. It’s free to sign up, free to record videos, and free to share with prospective employers. Traditional resumes don’t demonstrate a candidates level of language proficiency, and conventional written resumes certainly do not expose whether a candidate speaks clearly. The free video resumes on CazVid is able to show how someone speaks, pronounces, and verbally communicates in multiple languages. Candidates are encouraged to record multiple videos and share them with prospective employers.

CazVid.com is a free, video job board (patent pending) social media.

Video Project Contractor Needed – CazVid Free Home Projects

The CazVid platform of free videos for work related projects is taking off for homeowners.  Anyone can record a free 30 second video to showcase their project; contractors can then respond with their own video to bid on the job.  Check out some of CazVid’s videos to get ideas.

Need to repair the wall? Install a new gate?  Repair the pool? Have a damaged roof?  Show what needs to be done by recording a video and sharing it on CazVid. Let contractors find you.

CazVid is a free, video-only, projects and income related social media platform. It is always free to sign up. It is free to record videos, and it is free to communicate with others.  CazVid is the largest, video-only, system for providing employer and job seeker video interactions.

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