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Hiring Customer Service & Sales Rep on CazVid

Hire Customer Service & Sales Representatives with CazVid

Employers looking to find customer service or sales representatives for their business or company will find that CazVid is the perfect tool for the job.

CazVid job listings and resumes are showcased as short 30 second videos that quickly and easily connects employers with job candidates on a visual & audible level. When it comes to customer interaction, it’s obviously important to find candidates that posses great people skills over the phone and in person which is why CazVid’s video-only format is perfect in this instance.

The CazVid app is always free and is available for download now on iPhone and Android devices.


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Pet Sitter Job Posting on CazVid

CazVid Pet Sitter Job Posting

Last minute plans for the weekend and you need someone to watch your cat? Broke your leg and need someone to walk your dog? Don’t sweat it, just CazVid it!

Posting a job listing on CazVid is incredibly fast and easy; all it takes is 30 seconds to record a video to describe the job position and what qualities you look for in a potential candidate. After sharing your video, applicants will respond with video resumes. It’s that easy! CazVid is perfect for finding locals who simply want to take care of your pet as well as finding professional animal trainers, groomers, and other animal related services.

Download CazVid now for iPhone & Android | CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD CAZVID

a CRE assistant opening in Scottsdale – Great base + Benefits – No experience necessary

We have a great job opening for a CRE assistant in Scottsdale, Arizona.  No experience is necessary, but clearly anyone with experience is welcome to apply as well.  Base pay is in the $40k’s plus benefits.   Apply on the CazVid app

Find Housekeepers & Nannies on CazVid!

CazVid candidates reply with video

When looking to hire a nanny or housekeeper, it’s important to find somebody you know you can trust which can be difficult to discern from a faceless written resume. CazVid seeks to solve this issue through its video-only format in which all resumes are short 30 second videos that can be recorded and uploaded directly in the CazVid app. Being able to see and hear a job candidate’s enthusiasm, personality, and communication skills can help provide a much clearer idea of who you may be letting into your home.

Creating a job post for a nanny, housekeeper, or another position is free and takes only 30 seconds to record a job listing video.

CazVid is a free job listings app that is available for download now on iPhone & Android devices. Check it out now and start browsing video resumes, it’s free!


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CazVid’s Free Job Posting Method

CazVid Free Job Posting

Employers looking to find the right candidate for the job position can be a bit of frustrating when there’s many resources available for putting a job listing out there, but often it can be expensive and/or a time consuming headache. Makes you wonder: is there a better way to hire? The answer is yes! CazVid was specifically designed to make the employment hiring process as fast and efficient as possible. How so? Well, unlike other job board and recruitment sites/apps, CazVid skips the written format and uses video-only to connect employers with job seekers.

Employers simply download the CazVid app, record and share a short 30 second video describing the job position and what’s looked for in a potential candidate, and that’s it! Your job listing video is shared on CazVid’s job marketplace for job seekers from all over to find. Interested candidates can contact you with video resumes which makes the screening process fast and incredibly easy as video is able to convey a candidates verbal communication skills, personality, and enthusiasm. We truly believe the CazVid method brings hiring to the next level and the best part is that it’s also free!

The CazVid app is available for download now for iPhone & Android devices | Click Here to Download Now

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CazVid the video resume and video job posting app in Mesa-Tempe-Scottsdale-Gilbert-Chandler-Phoenix

Press Release

Tempe, Arizona. June 1, 2021.

Today, CazVid has announced that it has increased its promotion and marketing efforts in metro Phoenix for its video-based job matching system.

CazVid is a free job matching app with a specific twist, whereas job candidates record a 30 second video resume and employers record a 30 second video job posting. The CazVid concept is promoted worldwide, but today the company has announced that it will increase its marketing effort in Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, Scottsdale, Gilbert and Phoenix Arizona.

The founder of CazVid, Yuvi Shmul, who resides in Mesa, Arizona explains, “While we expect the CazVid app to be a world-wide job board free platform, our roots are definitely here in the east valley of metro Phoenix Arizona.” Yuvi has owned multiple businesses in Arizona for the last 20 years and as a business owner, he has seen the challenges of screening job candidates.

“CazVid was created to modernize the job applicants screening process.  Job searchers record a 30 second video resume or a video intro, and employers can easily find the candidates who are the most charismatic,” Yuvi explains. “Other job board sites are expensive for small businesses and provide the same ol’ written resumes database. CazVid is free and gives employers a great first impression tool of prospective employees, especially for entry level positions, hospitality job openings, sales positions and customer service jobs.”

About the company: CazVid is a free platform for job searchers and employers. CazVid is a video resume and video job posting app, designed to improve the job searching and matching process. CazVid is based out of Tempe, Arizona.


Cleaners for Rental Properties Wanted in Arizona

Arizona Vacation Rental Service is currently looking to hire cleaners to tidy up once guests check out in the morning. This is just one of many jobs that can be found in Arizona when using the CazVid app.

Quickly browse job listing videos in Phoenix, Tucson, or anywhere else in Arizona. Filter job listings by what’s nearest to you and by the kind of job you’re looking for. It could be a part time custodian or house keeper position or a one time gig. CazVid makes job searching easy and is available now for Android and iPhone. Check it out, it’s free!

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The Vision of the CazVid Job Platform (a free, video-based, job matching app)

CazVid aims to be the place where jobs are found, shared, and accessed. We are bringing together employers, job seekers, and educational institutions from all over the world. Our goal is to provide a one-stop location for those looking for work or interested in learning more about careers.

But there are many websites and apps like CazVid, you may say… Well, not really.

Yuvi Shmul, the founder of CazVid, has hired 100s of people over the years for multiple companies and multiple positions. For many positions, like sales, customer service, and practically any consumer interaction jobs, the personality, charisma and energy of the employee is more important that the employee’s level of education or background.

Written resumes and traditional written job applications do not always tell the story of the job seeker. In fact, the way the candidate speaks, communicates, and carries himself/herself is what gives them the advantage to be hired vs other job candidates. Many CEO’s and hiring managers admit that they make a decision within 30 seconds of an interview of whether the candidate is a strong candidate for the job or not; and the decision is often based on the job seeker’s personal presentation and personality vs. the their specific background.

Yuvi Shmul has decided to create the free app – CazVid. Job seekers record a 30 second selfie video describing themselves on CazVid. Business owners and hiring managers record a 30 second selfie video describing their job openings, and the parties can then find each other on the CazVid app and communicate. Check out the CazVid platform in the iphone and android app stores.

Bartender Jobs on CazVid

Are you looking for bartenders for your bar or restaurant?

Are you a bartender looking for a job?

These bartenders have to find the perfect drink for any and every customer. They might be the only person who provides a stranger with happiness on a miserable day. Bartenders are literally “the face” and “the experience” of the establishment.

That’s why when hiring bartenders, the personality of the bartender is so important. The CazVid platform of job matching, was created for bartender job openings and job candidates. It is free, easy to use, and the most beneficial job board out there for bartenders and bartender job listings.

For some people, bartending is more than just an occupation – it’s also their lifestyle. CazVid is a free, 30 second video selfies of bartender job openings and bartender candidates. It is always free to download, sign up, record a selfie video and communicate with job seekers and hiring managers. Check out the CazVid platform @ CazVid.com

Beauty Industry Positions on CazVid

The beauty industry has been known to employ a number of different positions. One popular position, as discussed in CazVid’s article about the matter, is that of an esthetician.

Estheticians are responsible for skin care treatments and are skilled in the art of skincare. They perform facials, body treatments, and makeup application among other services. Estheticians work at salons, spas, and day spas across the country. Looking for an a job in the beauty industry, check out the CazVid app.

CazVid is a free video resume platform that matches applicants with employers in the beauty industry. Title: What Is A Skin Care Specialist?

Skin care specialist is a profession that has become very popular over the years. These professionals use a number of different techniques depending on what treatment is necessary for their client. A skin care specialist can be either an esthetician or cosmetologist. These professionals are responsible for researching and implementing beauty and skin care treatments in order to improve their clients’ appearances. With CazVid, the person who is looking for a job can record a free 30 second selfie video, explaining their experience and knowledge relevant to the job. Employers review video resumes on CazVid and contact potential applicants directly.

Check out the CazVid platform. CazVid is available on iphone and android. CazVid is a free, video-based, social media, where job seekers can record 30 second selfie videos, describing their professional experience or their desired job. Similarly, employers can record a 30 seconds selfie videos, describing their job openings. Finally, employers and candidates can connect and communicate on CazVid for a successful hiring.

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