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February, 2022

How to record a Medical Billing Video Resume? And where to post it?

If you are a medical biller and you are looking for work, you should record and post a video resume.
Companies are now using free apps that allow you to post your video resume to find you.   Medical Billing Video Resumes in Arizona are already being posted on the CazVid app and medical billing companies are posting job openings in video formats.
For many medical billing companies, the medical billers do not interact with patients or other customers.  So you may say, why is a video resume relevant? After all video resumes are about showing ones’ personality.  Video resumes are about showing how a candidate will interact with clients.
Well, video resumes are more than that!!!
What to say on your medical billing video resume?
Whether you just finished your medical billing certificate or whether you have several years experience, hiring medical billing companies are looking for people that will be easy and enjoyable to work with.
Your medical biller video resume is your opportunity to show how you are, show your personality, and communicate verbally that you are extremely excited to work in the medical billing industry!
Once you are done recording your medical billing professional video resume, where should you record it?
CazVid is a free app where medical billing companies post job openings in a video format.  Job candidates can record a video introduction to their medical billing experience. Finally, the candidates and the hiring companies can communicate for free on CazVid, hire and get hired.

Get Hired with a Mechanic Video Resume. Search for Mechanic job openings and submit your Mechanic Video Resume

Video resumes from mechanics?  What?

Did you say that auto mechanics should create a video resume? Yes, auto mechanics should create and apply with a video resume.  It takes less than 30 seconds and it can get you hired!

What is a mechanic video resume?

Traditional video resumes were produced by salespeople, managers and marketing professionals to show their charisma, personality, and outgoing personality.   However, mechanics video resumes are now being used to get hired and there is a reason for it.  Mechanics should demonstrate that they, too, have the attitude and personality to get the job done.

What to say in your Mechanic Video Resume?

  1. Show yourself.  At the end of the day, employers will give you a chance because they like you. Employers also know that you may interact with customers, and communications and interpersonal skills are an important element of every employee.  video resumes show your inter personal skills.
  2. Talk about your certificates and experience.  Mention your credentials, but honestly, you can mention your credentials briefly.  Describing your credentials can be saved to your interview.
  3. Show your excitement about being a mechanic and your desire to find a rewarding mechanic job.  Employers want to see that you like the field, that you like to learn and that you will be a hard working member of their repair shop.

Where to post your Mechanic Video Resume?

Check out the CazVid app.  CazVid is a free app to post your mechanic video resume and search for mechanic job openings.  The app is also free for employers to post job listing videos, so employers are motivated to post jobs on the app and find you.  CazVid is the free app to hire and get hired as an automotive mechanic.


What to record on a Mortgage Agent Arizona Video Resume?

Are you a mortgage agent?  Mortgage Broker?  Are you experienced?  Or maybe you just got your license?

Get hired by the best?

But how can you differentiate yourself from all the other applicants in metro-Phoenix, Arizona?

More mortgage agents are using a mortgage agent Arizona video resume on the CazVid app.  Even if you are currently employed, let recruiters find you and offer you a better compensation.

A mortgage agent video resume is the best tool to show your personality:

  • keep the video resume short – less than 30 seconds
  • describe your experience as mortgage agent – but keep that for less than 10 seconds
  • if you don’t have experience, describe your sales experience
  • even if you don’t have mortgage experience or sales experience, describe YOU
  • Show your personality.  Show your enthusiasm. Talk about how you like to connect with people.
  • DESCRIBE YOU – and let mortgage companies fight over you!

Where should you post your mortgage agent Arizona video resume:  on CazVid.

CazVid is a free app for mortgage companies, hiring companies, and recruiters to post any openings they have at no cost to them.  The difference is that instead of having a written job opening, the hiring companies record a 30 second video job opening.

Mortgage agents use the CazVid app to find opportunities but also to be found.  They post a 30 second mortgage agent video resume and describe who they are.  At no cost to the mortgage agent applicants, hiring companies can communicate with them or the applicants can find and communicate with hiring companies.

CazVid is the largest free video app for resumes and job openings of mortgage industry jobs!

Post a free gig request in a video format, and get more freelancers without paying any fees

Why pay fees when you are looking for a freelancer for your gig?

Why presenting your gig in the old fashion traditional written posts?

Record a video of your gig needs.  Record a video of your short term employment opportunity.  Show case yourself and your needs.  Get more interest.  Hire freelancers. AND don’t pay any fees.

How does it make sense?

The remote opportunities of finding freelancers from across the globe has been known for a while.  However some platforms charge fees that add up.

Also some platforms prevent the free communication between the freelancer and the job provider, again, for the sake of getting “a cut.”

CazVid – stands for Casual Video – is changing the way gigs are being presented and the way gig-freelancers match is being established.

Need a help with your project?  Post a short video, for free, on the CazVid app.

Offer services? Post a short video, also for free, on the CazVid app.

Then, get matched.  Once you find each other, agree on the scope of work and the payments and make it happen, without any fees taken by the CazVid platform.

Gigs and freelancers can take charge of their needs and offerings with recording multiple videos and communicate directly with each other on the CazVid free job resume and job posting video app.



What’s a video job posting? What’s a job opening in a casual video format?

Although it’s not new, CazVid, the free job posting app, is pioneering the video job listing format and the concept of job opening in a casual video presentation.

Why use videos for job opening posts?

1. Candidates are bored, yes – bored, of reading traditional written job openings.

2. Hey, the world is moving to short video posts and messages for all forms of presentations and communication – why not having a short video presentation of your job opening.

3. Candidates can see where they will work and who they will work for.  Research shows that candidates often take jobs, not just because of pay, but because of the likeability of the person they will be working for.

4. The CazVid founder, Yuvi Shmul, explains that for many job listings, a casual video presentation of the opportunity is a fun and light presentation of what the company is looking for:. Casual Video – hence CazVid.

5. Consider the video job posting as your participation in the 24/7 virtual job fair.  The candidates don’t only read your job opening details, they see and hear, you, the work place and what your company has to offer.

So with the largest free access to a bank of video resumes and with an opportunity to post for free a video job opening, CazVid is the place to post a video and interact with employers, employees, gig seekers and short term employment opportunities.   The app is design for remote workers and local employees.

Post a free job opening in a video format on the CazVid platform today, and find your next hire!

Esthetician Video Resumes are the Best Way to get hired in the beauty industry. And it’s free on CazVid

Looking to get a job as an esthetician?  Show case yourself and your skills with a video resume.

Many estheticians, beginners and experienced, go to social media to promote their skills.  Social media is a great place to show case your skills, work and yourself.

Now, more estheticians publish a beauty shoe case viseot, also known as esthetician video resume in CazVid.   Even if you are not looking for a new job right now, let people find you.   Let people see your personality in a video resume.  It’s a 30 seconds video presentation of who you are and why clients should choose you as their beauty consultant.

You will get new clients and maybe you will get that lucrative luxury salon job on the exotic tropical resort.

What is an esthetician video resume?  And what to say?

1. Keep the video resume shorter than 30 seconds.

2. Show case yourself .  Even if you show your work on the video, show yourself and speak to the camera, at the beginning and the end of the video.

3. It should be a casual video.  Not too simple, but not too professional either.   Clients want to see that you are fun and approachable.

4. You can record a selfie esthetician video resume and publish it on CazVid and on all of your social.media accounts.

Looking to hire estheticians?

CazVid is a free platform for esthetician job openings and video resumes.  All the resumes and job openings are video format, casual selfie videos, of up to 30 seconds.   Download the app and record a video, it takes less than a minute.  Then communicate with estheticians and hiring companies – and it’s all free on the CazVid app.



Need more models for your modeling agencies? Search for models video resumes

More models are using models video resumes to reach out model agencies and find modeling gigs.  Just like any other video resume for any other position, a model video resume is a great opportunity for the model to show her/himself visually, but also to explain who someone should engage the model for the specific gig.

Famous models are clearly in demand as their print and video work is widely seen.  But new models, or less models, need the extra opportunity to show their personality, their acting skills, their communication skills and they way they look and move on camera.   Model video resumes is the answer.

So if you own a model agency, or if you look for a model to for a one time project, whether its a print shoot or a video project, search online data bases of model video resume, like CazVid.com

The CazVid free app of model video resumes is available for anyone who is searching for models.   Modeling agencies can record a 30 second short video describing the modeling agency and their need for models.  Modeling agencies then can search the free models video resumes on the CazVid app and contact the models there directly.

Also, models can record a 30 second video resume on the CazVid app at no charge and contact modeling agencies directly from the CazVid app.

CazVid is always free for modeling agencies and anyone who is looking for one time models to download, record a 30 second video describing their need and communicating directly with models.  CazVid is also always free for models and individuals who want to become models to download the app, record a 30 second video resume and communicate directly with modeling agencies and opportunities.  CazVid is the only, completely free, video-based only, models gig opportunities and model video resumes.

Caregiver job openings in Gilbert Arizona and metro-Phoenix. How to apply with a Caregiver Video Resume

Are you hiring caregivers?  Are you looking for a caregiver job opening?

More and more employers are posting video job openings of caregivers and job seekers are applying with care giver video resume?

Why video presentation of the job listing and the care giver resume you may ask?

Well, employers want to see that the person who is applying for the care giver job opening is presentable and can communicate and carry themselves professionally.  A caregiver video resume for example on the CazVid app is an opportunity for caregivers to present themselves as the most qualified for the job, by expressing their upbeat personality and their professionalism.

CazVid is probably only one place to post your caregiver video resume, but it is the only completely free job board app dedicated to Video resumes only and job postings in video format. CazVid is always free for employers and job seekers to communicate, hire and get hired, without paying any fees to CazVid.  It is the app to post video resumes of care givers.  It is the app to post job openings for caregivers in a video format, and it is the place to find and be found in Gilbert Arizona and the entire metro-Phoenix area.

What to say on your care giver video resume?

  1. Mention that you are looking for a caregiver position
  2. Mention how many years of experience you have and if you have any certification
  3. But the most important, mention YOU!!! show your personality and excitement about wanting to be hired.  This is your CazVid Video Resume Showcase.

Should I get a Commercial Pilot Video Resume? What to say on a Corporate Pilot Video Resume?

It’s kinda obvious that video resumes are the best first impression tool for salespeople and hospitality workers.  Salespeople and other entry level positions can “win” the chance for an interview with a video resume that shows their communication skills.  Well the CazVid platform of video cover letters and video resumes is also THE TOOL for recent student pilots, pilots who just got their CFII, and pilots who are trying to get commercial pilot jobs or corporate pilot jobs.  Pilots know that you need the right app to make your flight planning easier, but do they know that they also need the perfect video resume to “land their dream pilot  job interview”!

Employers want to get “a good feeling” about the pilots who represent them to their passengers.  Pilot Video resumes on CazVid demonstrate that a pilot is well spoken, professional, personable, and can go above and beyond their piloting skills. With CazVid’s video resumes, pilots can record a free 30-second video presenting themselves, discussing their experience, and explaining why they should be chosen for a full time job, a part time gig, and even a short project.

CazVid is free to sign up and record a video.  It takes less than 15 seconds to sign up and less than a minute to record and share a video.  CazVid is always free to post videos, share them, and communicate with others.  CazVid is the largest video-only, pilots and other employment and income related social media.

The best matching influencers and paid gig free video app

What is the best way to find paid-gigs for influencers? As one of our new promoters has said, “CazVid is a free video employment matching app for influencers.”  You can find many websites and apps with job postings and resumes.  Many of those are written job listings and traditional written resumes and do not show the personalities of the influencers.  You can also find influencer video resumes online, influencer video show cases of open gigs, companies and job openings, and platform for video interviews.

However, CazVid is the largest, video-only, video-base, free, influencer employment matching app.  Anyone who is seeking influencer paid gigs, influencer and promotion jobs, income opportunities or training can record a free 30 second video.  Anyone who is offering promotion and marketing jobs, paid influencer projects, internships, training or any business opportunities can record a free 30 second video as well. The two parties can now share, like, communicate and be matched. CazVid is a simple, easy to use, free 30 second influencer and general employment matching platform.  Try it out: CazVid

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