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April, 2021

The Vision of the CazVid Job Platform (a free, video-based, job matching app)

CazVid aims to be the place where jobs are found, shared, and accessed. We are bringing together employers, job seekers, and educational institutions from all over the world. Our goal is to provide a one-stop location for those looking for work or interested in learning more about careers.

But there are many websites and apps like CazVid, you may say… Well, not really.

Yuvi Shmul, the founder of CazVid, has hired 100s of people over the years for multiple companies and multiple positions. For many positions, like sales, customer service, and practically any consumer interaction jobs, the personality, charisma and energy of the employee is more important that the employee’s level of education or background.

Written resumes and traditional written job applications do not always tell the story of the job seeker. In fact, the way the candidate speaks, communicates, and carries himself/herself is what gives them the advantage to be hired vs other job candidates. Many CEO’s and hiring managers admit that they make a decision within 30 seconds of an interview of whether the candidate is a strong candidate for the job or not; and the decision is often based on the job seeker’s personal presentation and personality vs. the their specific background.

Yuvi Shmul has decided to create the free app – CazVid. Job seekers record a 30 second selfie video describing themselves on CazVid. Business owners and hiring managers record a 30 second selfie video describing their job openings, and the parties can then find each other on the CazVid app and communicate. Check out the CazVid platform in the iphone and android app stores.

Bartender Jobs on CazVid

Are you looking for bartenders for your bar or restaurant?

Are you a bartender looking for a job?

These bartenders have to find the perfect drink for any and every customer. They might be the only person who provides a stranger with happiness on a miserable day. Bartenders are literally “the face” and “the experience” of the establishment.

That’s why when hiring bartenders, the personality of the bartender is so important. The CazVid platform of job matching, was created for bartender job openings and job candidates. It is free, easy to use, and the most beneficial job board out there for bartenders and bartender job listings.

For some people, bartending is more than just an occupation – it’s also their lifestyle. CazVid is a free, 30 second video selfies of bartender job openings and bartender candidates. It is always free to download, sign up, record a selfie video and communicate with job seekers and hiring managers. Check out the CazVid platform @ CazVid.com

Beauty Industry Positions on CazVid

The beauty industry has been known to employ a number of different positions. One popular position, as discussed in CazVid’s article about the matter, is that of an esthetician.

Estheticians are responsible for skin care treatments and are skilled in the art of skincare. They perform facials, body treatments, and makeup application among other services. Estheticians work at salons, spas, and day spas across the country. Looking for an a job in the beauty industry, check out the CazVid app.

CazVid is a free video resume platform that matches applicants with employers in the beauty industry. Title: What Is A Skin Care Specialist?

Skin care specialist is a profession that has become very popular over the years. These professionals use a number of different techniques depending on what treatment is necessary for their client. A skin care specialist can be either an esthetician or cosmetologist. These professionals are responsible for researching and implementing beauty and skin care treatments in order to improve their clients’ appearances. With CazVid, the person who is looking for a job can record a free 30 second selfie video, explaining their experience and knowledge relevant to the job. Employers review video resumes on CazVid and contact potential applicants directly.

Check out the CazVid platform. CazVid is available on iphone and android. CazVid is a free, video-based, social media, where job seekers can record 30 second selfie videos, describing their professional experience or their desired job. Similarly, employers can record a 30 seconds selfie videos, describing their job openings. Finally, employers and candidates can connect and communicate on CazVid for a successful hiring.

free job listings for small businesses

There are a lot of reasons that running a business can be tough. From deciding what kind of business you want to start, to keeping up with financial records, to staying up-to-date on the latest research and technology, it’s easy for entrepreneurs to lose sleep at night. Of course, there’s also another unavoidable aspect of running a business—the ups and downs. The good days where everything seems to go right and the bad days where everything goes wrong.

At the end of the day, everyone knows that small businesses “make it or break it” with the quality of their employees, and every small business owner will tell you that hiring good, loyal, qualified employees is one of the owner’s hardest task.

Luckily there is the app CazVid. CazVid is a free video-based job listings and job resumes platform. The best part of CazVid is that it’s free for all small businesses and free for all job seekers.

CazVid connects the best qualified job seekers from around the world to the top rated small businesses that need quality employees. And it’s fast! With CazVid, there is no recruitment agency middleman or third party with a vested interest in the transaction. There are no ad placement fees. There are no long-term commitments or contracts to sign. Just download the CazVid app. Sign up – it takes 15 seconds. Record a selfie video with your job opening needs – that takes 30 seconds, and start browsing video resumes. See an applicant you like, contact the applicant and start the process towards hiring.

Check out CazVid.com

Job Applicants on CazVid

Visitors to CazVid’s job board often wonder about the companies who list jobs on the site. And before you apply for a job, it’s always best to know more about your prospective employer. That’s what makes CazVid such a quick and easy tool. CazVid is a free, video-based, job board, meaning that as a job applicant you can view a 30 second selfie, job posting of your future employer. Instead of reading about the company, instead of spending 5 boring minutes reading the same old job description, just watch a 30 second video.

Check out the CazVid app.

Arizona Bars are hiring on CazVid.com

Arizona Bars are hiring on CazVid.com

Jobs in the food and beverage industry are notoriously difficult to come by in a down market, but Arizona bars are making it easy for you to find a bartending job through our free online jobs board! All you need is access to a computer and the internet. It couldn’t be simpler!

There has never been an easier way, with so many other sites charging membership fees or listing jobs that are hundreds of miles away from you. With the CazVid app it so easy for bars to post a 30 second video job listing and find help. CazVid, unlike other job boards, is a free employment matching platform that is video-based. Hiring companies download the app, and record a 30 second job opening. Then, the companies can search for video job resumes of Arizona bartenders and bar employees and communicate with them, for free, on the CazVid platform.

The CazVid app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones.

You can also use the CazVid app for free to search jobs anywhere in the world.

So, if you have internet access, a phone and an interest in Arizona bars, restaurants, and hospitality jobs, CazVid is the best resource out there. Check out the free app of CazVid.

The “big difference” with a CazVid Video Resume

The best way to get started with a video resume is… to… get… started.
There are a number of platforms that offer video resume services, and CazVid is definitely the best one. Why?

Cazvid has been used by artists, graphic designers, videographers, animators, and more.
It is a powerful alternative to the traditional paper resume (and sometimes all you need!) Traditional resumes do not show the “real you.” Video resumes show your personality, charisma, and enthusiasm for your profession.

CazVid is the only platform in the U.S. (to the best of our knowledge) where all resumes and job listings are in video format.
All other platforms in the U.S. are video-friendly, but still accept the traditional paper resume.
CazVid has a growing reputation among students and professionals as one of the best ways to get noticed.
CazVid is a serious service for people seeking entry level or higher level jobs in creative fields.
It is NOT a joke video resume service.

The Video Resume allows you to showcase your talents and skills in an entertaining, professional way.
You can use the Video Resume to apply for jobs, update your profile and personal information, or find novice freelancers.

And the best news is… CazVid is always free to use. The CazVid app, available on iphone and android, is free to down load. It is free, and take only 15 seconds to sign up. It is always free to record a video resume or a video job postings, and you can start communicating with employers immediately.

Check out the CazVid.com website.

Does Video Resume have to be Formal?

The short answer… is… depends on the position you are applying for.  If you are applying for a senior management position, the answer is probably “yes.”  However, otherwise, for most positions a video resume should be more casual.  In fact, CazVid believes that casual videos of job candidates are a better representation of the individual and therefore, video resumes should NOT be formal.

CazVid stands for casual video. CazVid is a 30 second selfie video of job applicants and job postings.  For most jobs, such as sales positions, customer service, hospitality, and practically any position that requires customer interaction, CazVid believes that the employers want to see the personality of the job candidates.  The founder of CazVid, Yuvi Shmul, has hired 100s of individuals over the years for multiple positions.  His preferred initial screening tool is a casual video where the job applicants talk about themselves.  Yuvi mentioned that just by reviewing a 30 second video cover letter of a person, you can see and feel their level of energy, their enthusiasm and their ability to interact with customers.

Check out the free app of CazVid to find job listings and job candidates.

What’s a Caz Video?

Caz Video, also known as a CazVid is a casual (Caz) Video (Vid).  CazVid is a 30 second casual video, usually a selfie, for employment, short terms gigs, business opportunities and paid training.  The CazVid app is a video-based job board,  It is a matching job platform to connect between job seekers and employers.  The CazVid app is free to use.  It takes 15 seconds to sign up and 30 seconds to record a video.  Next, job seekers can scroll through video of job openings, contractor positioning, business offers and training opportunities.  Similarly employers can scroll through the video resumes – the video cover letters – of individuals and contact them with job offers and income opportunities.

New Hiring Platform for Arizona Job Seekers and Employers – CazVid

More and more job seekers and employers in Arizona have heard by now about the free platform for employment – CazVid.  CazVid is a unique app where job seekers record video resumes, and employers record video job postings.  The app was designed to help Arizona job seekers to stand out by presenting their personality and communication skills in a video CV (video resume).  Many employers agree that video resumes are a better representation of job candidates vs the traditional written resumes.

In fact, employers in Arizona can use the platform to present their job openings in a video format as well.  Many job candidates find it more interesting to see job postings in a short 30 second videos instead of reading the same long descriptions of job openings – which often all written the same.

The platform of CazVid is free for all employers and job candidates in Arizona.  It takes 15 seconds to sign up, 30 seconds to record a video, and users can start communicating with others within minutes.  Check out the CazVid.com website

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