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March, 2021

Simplifying the Job Hunting Process with CazVid

Welcome to 2021! Hopefully on the road to recovery, employers and prospective employees need a simplified job hunting process. “Even before Covid, finding employees has always been an expensive proposition” says Yuvi Shmul, the founder and CEO of CazVid as well as multiple other businesses over the last 20 years. According to Yuvi, “it is not that qualified employees are not available. We have hired quality employees for different businesses during Covid and before Covid. The issue has always been how do you simplify the employment search process and how do you make the employment search process quick, easy and affordable.”

And just like that, CazVid was born. CazVid aims to incorporate simplicity with affordability for prospective employers and prospective employees.  Employers at no charge can download and sign up for CazVid. It takes only 15 seconds to sign up. Next, employers record a 30 second selfie video that explains what job openings they have. It’s free to record a selfie video and it takes… well… 30 seconds. Next, employers can search and view videos of job seekers and initiate a conversation on the CazVid app.

Similarly, it is free, easy, simple and quick for job seekers to communicate with employers.  At no cost, job candidates can download and sign up for CazVid.  It takes 15 seconds to sign up. Next, the prospective employees can record a 30 second selfie video that describes themselves and what positions they’re looking for. It’s free to record a selfie video and it takes… well… 30 seconds! Next, job candidates can search and view videos of job openings and initiate a conversation with the employers on the CazVid app.

CazVid is a free, video-based, job opening and job candidate matching platform.  Check us out at CazVid.com

Share a Free Job Posting Video

Business owners and employers that are looking to hire are invited to share a job listing video on CazVid for free. What sort of job positions? Pretty much anything. Whether it’s an entry level position, sales, customer service, delivery, internship, trade service, etc! Whatever the job may be, record and share a 30 second video that explains the position and what you’re looking for in a candidate. CazVid is always free to use, download the app now and share your job listing video!

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CazVid, great lead generation and screening tool for franchisors

Companies that sell franchises and business opportunities always walk the fine line between their desire to sell more franchises and their need for qualified franchisees.  Franchisors know that one of the most important elements of successful franchisees is their personality.  Business owners and franchisees, who are personable, presentable, and have great communication skills, have greater relationships with their employees and with the customers.    Those relationships lead to better longevity for their business.

CazVid is the perfect tool for franchisors, business opportunity companies, franchise consultants and business brokers.  CazVid is a free app for income opportunities and employment.  More specifically, CazVid allows individuals to record a free 30 second videos, describing themselves and explain what kind of employment or business opportunity they seek.  CazVid also allows employers and companies to record free 30 second video, explaining their job opening, franchise opportunity, or business opportunity. Next, franchisors can communicate on the app with prospective franchisees and enjoy the perfect CazVid matching system.

Sally Facinelli, CFE, explains that “CazVid is a revolutionary game changer allowing you to market yourself, your business, or your opportunity in a more personal ‘touch and feel’ way. ”  Sally has over 20 year of executive experience in the franchise industry.  She is the Chief Visionary Officer of Fresh Advisors, and CazVid is proud to call her “one of their own,” as an advisor of CazVid.

Download the CazVid app, and give it a try.  CazVid is always free to sign up.  It takes 15 seconds.  It is free to record videos and it is always free to communicate with other.


Video Resumes meet Video Job Listings on the employment matching platform CazVid

In the land of matching apps: dating, buying and selling products, or finding nearby activities, employment matching needed a 2021 update.

It is time to move beyond the traditional written resumes and written job postings to a free, quicker, and better matching platform for employment.

CazVid is a video presentation of job listings and job seekers.  Employers can sign up in 15 seconds and record a video, describing a job opening in 30 seconds.  Next, employers can reach out directly to job candidates, via the CazVid app.  Its free, simple, quick, and easy.

Job seekers are invited to do the same.  Candidates can sign up in 15 seconds, and record a 30 second casual video (CazVid), describing themselves.  Next, job candidates can find job openings, and message the hiring managers directly, via the CazVid app. CazVid is always free for job candidates to post videos and communicate with employers.

According to Scott Meloeny, the Co-Founder & President of Greenhorn Training Solutions and a business development executive with CazVid, “CazVid is a market disrupter for the current workforce development structure.  Utilizing the most innovative technology, job seekers and employers will be connected in a way that saves time, money, and energy, advancing and modernizing the existing archaic workforce process.”  Scott and his company have partnered with CazVid to help his clients reach more qualified job candidates.

Video CV for Students on CazVid

CazVid is the perfect platform to record a video cv (curriculum vitae) and showcase yourself.  Students are invited to record a free 30 second video cv and share their video with employers.  Employers, on the other hand, record 30 second video job listings and share their needs for their job openings.

CazVid is the matching platform for students with employers.  It is always free to record a video cv (video resume or even a video cover letter) and it always free for employers to record a free video job posting (job listings/job openings).  The CazVid platform was designed to have video presentation of the students personality and enthusiasm – a form of cv that cannot be represented in a traditional written cv.

Check out the CazVid app

CazVid your personality to get your intern job

How do you compete with all the other students to get your summer intern position?

CazVid your personality.

CazVid is a free video resume and video job posting matching platform, where students who are looking for summer intern position can record a 30 second video and showcase their personality, charisma, enthusiasm, and communication skills.  When you CazVid someone, you send them a Casual (Caz) Video (Vid) of who you are and you convince them to get you that intern position instead of giving the position to someone else.

What should you say on your CazVid?

Speak freely, openly, casually, just as you will speak in a regular networking session. Clearly be professional and remember that you are presenting yourself for a potential job, but there is no need to be formal.  CazVid was designed to show YOU in a way that a written resume CANNOT.   Employers want to invite smart and successful people to work for them, but they are also looking for people with fun personalities and great communication skills, to be able to create a fun and positive working enviorment.

Check out the free CazVid app.

Record & Send Your Video Resume on CazVid!

Find all sorts of jobs, gigs and opportunities on the free job listings app, CazVid! Browse job postings for sales positions, freelance work, internships, etc.  All job listings are presented as short 30 second videos. See a job that interests you? Click ‘contact’ and send your video resume which can be recorded and shared for free!
Download CazVid: Apple Store , Google Play
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The CazVid world of opportunity (Video Resumes and Video Job Postings)

Looking for a full time job, part time job, extra income, or any business ideas, check out the CazVid free app. 

CazVid is a free video job listing and video resume app.  It is the app that lets you show your personality.  

It is the quick, easy and free matching platform that connects you with income opportunities immediately.  Find a gig you like, start a conversation with the employer on the spot. 

Go to CazVid. Show us your personality.

Looking for a job? 

Now you can CazVid it.

Record a free 30 second video and find job openings. 

It’s like a dating app… just without the awkward first date. 

Quickly scroll through job listings, see one you like?

Contact the hiring company with your own 30 second video resume. It’s that quick and that easy!

CazVid is always free. Download now and start viewing & posting resumes and job listing videos!


Social Media Addicts Needed

Are you a social media addict?  CazVid needs you. 

Do you want to make a quick 100, 200 or 500 bucks? We are looking for anyone who can reach 50 people on social media to join our CazVid platform.   CazVid is a free employment app, with a special twist.  It is a matching employment app, where job seekers and employers record 30 seconds videos, describing themselves. 

Check out the CazVid app and contact us.



Hairdresser Job Listings on CazVid

Just gotten out of cosmetology school and looking for work in a salon? Hairstylists looking to get hired should send in their free 30 second video resume on CazVid now!

Employer looking to hire? Whether it’s a position in a salon, blow dry bar, waxing center, or another avenue within the beauty industry,  CazVid is the best tool for finding the right person for the job.

CazVid is always free to record and share videos. Download the app now and give it a try!

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